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Further consultation has built up a strong body of evidence that it is space and facilities that is crucial to the continued development of this area. The severe lack of facilities and service provision was the key issue that has led to a 24 year long determination, and dedication of a team of volunteers at the centre of the estate.

The Management Committee has worked hard to include local residents in their projects and has held open days, consultation events plus many fundraising events, situated on the estate. 

Most importantly, Westview Community Centre is a place where you can get advice and information, or just pop in for a chat, whatever your reason, you will be met with a smile and a friendly face from the volunteers.

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It works closely with such agencies as Wyre Council, Regenda, Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde Council of Voluntary Service, Lancashire Youth and Community Association, Health and Social Care Services, local schools and the Community Safety Partnership. It also works closely with local voluntary agencies.

The Association currently operates in a community building (a converted house) and opened in October 1998 due to considerable local demand for such facilities. Considerable achievements have been made by the association particularly with inter-generational projects with older people and children.

This team have progressed from a residents house, to a flat leased from Wyre Housing to a converted house offering many limited (but needed) community facilities and services.

The Association evolved from the Residents Association and during the past 24 years has worked in a dedicated and committed way to develop into an effective team, aiming to promote the benefit of the people of Westview.


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