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At the centre on Eden Avenue we started to encourage children to read more and lent out a few books. This was  popular and we now have a children's book cupboard containing a large number of books for all ages which is yet another attraction at the Dream Scheme. Children and young people can come in and borrow books at any time the centre is open.


There is no charge - just sign for the book and return it when read.

But we haven't forgotten the adults! Since the local libraries have closed we have been building up our stock of adult books. Again residents can borrow and sign for a book or swap a book for one they have finished.

Apart from the pleasure we all can get from a good story there is plenty of evidence that children who read and who, at a very early age, are read to by parents do better at school. 


Losing our local libraries was a loss of an important local resource but at the Westview Community Centre volunteers are working to fill the gap.

We have free internet access from 9am to 4pm - for anyone to use for job searching, benefits, homework or just general interest.


Drop in, have a coffee and a chat and let us know what else can be provided.

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