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Martindale Park

In a project which is costing £400,000 in total, it now features a multi-use games area, a football pitch, pathways, seating and lighting.

This first phase, costing £250,000, was officially opened July 2008 by Fleetwood’s MP Joan Humble with a community fun day at the site.

Encouragingly, this scheme has happened thanks to the ideas and determination of young people on the estate.

A group of them got together as part of the Community Change project and campaigned for support for the idea.

Phase two was opened by Mayor of Wyre Mr Alan Vincent. The park now has an enclosed children’s playground, picnic areas, seating, lighting, more pathways and an environmental and learning area.

Eden Park

The garden of Eden Avenue is a ‘hidden jewel’ on Westview. It provides a beautiful oasis in a busy world where all ages can sit or play and enjoy the tranquillity.

The garden was the inspiration of Jean Ward and is maintained by volunteers from the Westview Community Association and Emmanuel Christian Church.

If you would like to help care for this very special place, please call in at the centre and talk to one of the volunteers.

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